Friday, 2 September 2011

Vogue Italia's September 2011 Cover.

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If you remember, I wrote about a couple of upcoming Vogue September covers a couple of weeks ago. I selected Vogue Hellas's September 2011 cover as my personal favourite. Whilst I still consider to be an amazing cover, I have to confess, that cover is going to have share the 'Best Vogue September 2011' title. Have you seen Vogue Italia's September 2011 cover? Everyone is speaking about it. Everyone is writing about it. Many might not like it, but many more are in total awe at this masterpiece shot by genius Steven Meisel.

Vogue Italia's September 2011 cover: iAdore.

Stella Tennant graces the cover of Vogue Italia's September issue looking as weird as weird can be. If Edward Scissorhands and a random woman from the year 1900 were to have a baby, it would look very much like Stella on this cover. In this cover, Stella is sporting multiple piercings, vampire lips (yay!) and an impossibly small waist.  Admit it, this cover can't go unnoticed. Not with that heavy corsetry and that unbelievable waist. This cover has left me speechless, and so has the spread / editorial featuring the same Stella. And, wait for it, she's planking! My, my, my doesn't weirdness rock? Seriously, it does.


Ruffles <3

Geez, loving the corset on her head lol.

Woot, woot!
Apart from an immense sense of admiration, this cover instilled three emotions in me. The first, I felt very fat. The second, I felt confused. I kept wondering how her insides were all squashed and constricted. The third, I felt incredibly curious. You know, I wanted to know what inspired this unique cover.

After some research, I learned that Stella is channelling Ethel Granger, a multiple-piercing lover and the woman with smallest waist in recorded history. She had a 13-inch waist. Doesn't that make you feel very, very fat? Ethel's obsessive use of corsetry modified her waist drastically: it literally shrank from 24  inches to 13 inches. That's crazy, Jesus Christ, that's CRAZY!

Meet Ethel Granger

Talk about making a statement. Lady Gaga would feel under dressed next to her.

Oh, and you know what's even crazier? Her husband. Apparently, Ethel's body modification resulted from her husband's fetish for small waists. The man had a thing for wasp-waists and basically believed that when women are wasp-waisted, the population grows. (Okay, little technical explanation: a wasp waist is a type of cut which emphasises a woman's waist. Corsets create this type of look. Generally, the cut highlights a woman's curves.) Her husband despised anything that didn't emphasise small waists. He was both an anti-empire-waistline activist and an anti-1920s-loose-dresses activist. Oh, just a short note. Empire waistlines are high-waisted cuts that gather just below or near the bust. It's a cut that shifts attention from the waist to the bust. Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all, I just want to make sure everything is clear! 

I'm a 13 inch woman, suck on that bitches! :O
One of the things I hate about men sometimes is their huge influence on their women. Ethel's husband surely had a lot of control over his wife. It seems that Ethel wore loose dresses, typical of the 1920s, before she wed the douche. However, after getting married, he convinced her to wear corsets not only during the day, but even during the night. Eventually, after severe corsetry, her waist went down from 24 inches to 13 inches. I hope the guy was happy with that.

Vogue Italia's September 2011 cover is truly inspirational, and I know this sounds cheesy, but I like it because it has such a great story behind it. This is definitely one of my favourite covers ever. I might print it and hang it up in my room too :)

I was intent on creating an 'Anti Ethel's Husband' page on Facebook, until I read a quote by the douche himself which made me realise that he probably understood fashion much better than many people I know. I'm concluding with the quote itself. 

'if she can outshine other members of her sex in some way, this is a victory worth any amount of suffering'
William Arnold Granger

Have a pleasant evening, dearest readers!